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Autumnal Flowers


Seasonal Flowers For Autumn

October is nearly here and then we are officially in autumn!

Although we have waved goodbye to summer favourites such as Peonies and Sweet Peas, autumn is a beautiful time of year for seasonal flowers, berries and fruits. Here are a few of our favourites.


Autumn is often associated with beautiful Hydrangeas,which are my favourites!

It’s also a good time of year to purchase Hydrangeas as they’re slightly cheaper now that we are past the height of their season. Did you know that as hydrangeas are woody stemmed and thirsty flowers if they do droop you can plunge their heads in water to give them a drink and this should perk them up!


Dahlias come in so many amazing shapes, sizes and colours.

Whilst some are as large as 10 inches in diameter, others are just a few inches or less. Dahlias are easy to care for once in a vase, but their heads can snap easily so be careful when handling them as they have a much softer stem.

They are a favourite for weddings this time of year too here in Canterbury Kent!

Tom Pearce Chrysanthemums

A beautiful autumn flower, the Tom Pearce Chrysanthemum is easy to recognise with its curved petals in red and gold. These seasonal shades make it ideal for creating floral arrangements with a distinctly autumn feel.


We try to stick to seasonal flowers in our designs but this time we thought we’d include a few other seasonal delights.

You may remember walking past Snow berry bushes as a child and popping the berries. A lovely addition to autumnal bouquets and arrangements, they can be found in both pink and white. White Snow berries are often found at the moment in the fields around us, keep an eye out on your next walk!

We have some beautiful walks around here don't we!

Crab Apples

Crab apples are another autumnal fruit that you can add to arrangements of seasonal flowers. Closely related to common apples, the fruits are smaller and closer in size to berries.

These beauties will be featuring in some of our corporate work this month too!


Rose-hips are another beautiful flower to add to seasonal designs at the moment too!

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Our Bouquet of the Month is the Autumn Extravaganza and is available to order now.


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Thank you for reading and have a lovely day x


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